Some background
to the Practice










We are a team of dentists who qualified from different dental schools at different times. We enjoy varying interests both inside and outside of dentistry and share a common aim….

“to provide the best, most appropriate treatment in a
 relaxed, modern and welcoming atmosphere and to improve
 and maintain the oral health of our patients”

We are fortunate in having the trained professional help of dedicated receptionists, dental nurses and hygienists who are committed to putting our patients’ interests first and who support us fully in achieving this objective.

As part of our accreditation for membership of the British Dental Association's Good Practice Scheme we undertake a commitment to continuously re-appraise our standards of care alongside reviews of organisation and administration within the practice.

Compliance with all safety issues, regulations and quidelines for the welfare of patients and staff alike is a pre-requisite and we believe this is reflected in the way we provide for our patients.

If for any reason, a specific type of treatment is required that we are unable to provide, or a specialist opinion is needed, we are happy to make the appropriate referral in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Staff members participate regularly in postgraduate training and in `peer review` exercises to ensure we are always up-to-date with our knowledge of the latest skills, techniques and materials. This is extended into monthly training sessions when we discuss means of improving the service we offer wherever possible. With this in mind we welcome comments and suggestions from our patients.

Should it ever be required, we operate a complaints system in accordance with professional guidelines.

We trust our blend of experience and expertise, together with an understanding and sympathetic approach, means that patients are at ease with our treatment and confident that they receive the best possible care for long term satisfaction.